Eternice — Is a game developed by the Russian indie studio Galilean Games. The concept of the game is that the player has to collect interesting underwater vehicles, which even have the slightest detail, each module can play a huge role.

Take care of the construction process is about a lot - about the engines, detection systems, weapons, searchlights, their interaction - all this is very important for survival in the aggressive underwater environment of Europe, one of the satellites of Jupiter. So, for example, if the cameras of your ship have disabled the enemies, then you will have to navigate only by sensors. If your device breaks the spotlights - you will go blind in the absorbing darkness. A special role is played by hydroacoustics - here sounds are important, as nowhere else

PVP-battles with other players, exploration of the underwater world, fighting with local creatures and constant wars for energy resources will force you to spend days and nights in this game in search of a formula for an ideal and invincible underwater vessel!
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